Leadership Team

The Cognitive Software Group (CSG) leadership has over 100 years of experience at senior levels of commercial and technical management in the software industry and academia. Our research staff are required to have, or be candidates for, Ph.D. level qualification in Artificial Intelligence or Mathematics. In 2024 we will hire high calibre legal staff for requirements definition.
Mark Bradley
President and Co-Founder.

Mr Bradley has founded three start-up companies since 1998, having started his career as an IBM Software Engineer before eventually being appointed as a State General Manager for IBM Australia in 1990.

In 1994 Mr Bradley was appointed National Corporate Sales Manager for Qantas where his newly hired sales team executed the biggest market share shift in Australian corporate history over two years.

In 1996 Mr Bradley joined telecommunications start-up AAPT. Leading up to AAPT's very successful IPO, Mr Bradley drove sales to record levels with the post-IPO share price jumping ten-fold over the following two years.

In 1998 Mr Bradley founded his first start-up as a website development company. In 2008 Mr Bradley founded his second start-up to research next generation artificial intelligence technologies that have now generated twenty-two US patents and, currently three US patent applications.

From 2008 to 2021 Mr Bradley spent a significant amount of time in the United States to understand the dynamics of US technology company incubation in Silicon Valley, Boston and New York, as well as the dynamics of the US Intellectual Property market.

Mr Bradley and his former colleagues are now returning to the start-up scene to target their next achievement, Artificial General Intelligence applied to Legal Practice.

Don Tonkin
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder.

Mr Tonkin began his post graduate career as a nuclear energy Research Scientist after completing his Masters’ degree studying Nuclear Physics. After joining IBM in 1975, Mr Tonkin rose to the level of Senior Software Engineer before leaving to establish a number of consulting and software companies and selling them.

During this time he founded the DB2 Users Group in Australia and was appointed to IBM's global elite "IBM Gold Consultant" community. Mr Tonkin has been the key driver of an extensive patent portfolio and leading-edge software in previous startups. Mr Tonkin is a sought after thought leader in software technologies and as a public speaker.

Don is an expert in Knowledge Engineering, Machine Learning including Neural Networks and Large Language Models like ChatGPT, and Computer Reasoning techniques and technologies.

Dr Dzung Le
Senior Research Scientist.
After completing a Masters degree in Information Systems at Latrobe University in 2006, Dr Le was awarded her PhD in Semantic Computing technologies at Macquarie University in 2013 after many years working in the field of advanced data analytics.
Dr Le joined our team shortly after completing her PhD and has become a world leading expert in Artificial Intelligence technologies. Dr Le is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Macquarie University. She is expert in Machine Learning Neural Networks and Large Language Models like ChatGPT, Knowledge Engineering, and Reasoning.