While we expect to become a group of companies listed for public trading on US platforms and exchanges, we are not interested in pursuing a falsely inflated valuation. We expect our valuation to reflect the potential value of our novel inventions targeting an essential good, creating a computer-centric environment that intelligently highlights and eliminates misinformation.

Our mission is to build an intelligent truth machine and, in the first instance, apply it to law practice.

“Albert” as we call our intelligent truth machine, is the core collection of techniques and technologies in a modular platform design and is planned to be transportable to other industry applications such as medical research, and asset valuation forecasting.
Corruption, misinformation, and legal practice devoid of integrity has an economic cost that should not be tolerated as advanced democratic economies need to improve educational outcomes in a time of rapid technological change, care for more older aged citizens with better health outcomes and defend themselves against tyrannical regimes.

In 2019, three senior IMF executives opined:

“Our research suggests that revenues are higher in countries perceived to be less corrupt; the least corrupt governments collect 4 percent of GDP more in taxes than those at the same level of economic development with the highest levels of corruption”.

History has shown that new inventions generally improve the human condition.

We understand that people fear emerging technologies will harm them by taking away their jobs or causing them to make mistakes by misuse. But history has shown that new inventions generally improve the human condition and give us more time to focus on more important things. We believe that artificial intelligence will be no different.
“While some have foretold the end of lawyers, we suggest AI will enhance humans’ abilities and allow lawyers to perform their roles better. While AI will reduce the cost of some elements of legal work that lawyers previously undertook because AI can perform those elements more efficiently, other aspects of lawyers’ work will become more valuable. In particular, while machine prediction will replace human prediction, human judgement – which includes knowing what to do with machine predictions so as to achieve a desirable outcome for the client – will be more valuable."
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